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    From Slashdot.....

    "eWeek reports that the anti-spyware vendor Aluria Software has partnered with WhenU of 'WhenUSave' and 'SaveNow' infamy. They've removed WhenU from their spyware/malware definition lists, certified their applications as safe, and they deny that money was involved. As a result, SpywareInfo and many other anti-spyware sites are delisting Aluria's 'Spyware Eliminator' from their lists of preferred software. Is this a dangerous trend for anti-spyware? Or are we just witnessing a natural evolution? I sure hope it's neither - I like my Windows boxes junkware-free, thanks (oxymoron noted)."

    eWeek link -,1759,1706659,00.asp
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    It's like one of those "if they mated" skits off late night tv...
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    I think I have some links up somewhere.. time to pull them I think.

    Actually, the best anti spyware program I know of is Spybot S&D which is donationware. Well worth making a donation in my book
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    Good find cditty.

    If I had a gold star, I'd give it to you.

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    Wow. See, money talks, no matter who or what you are.

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    <BLOCKQUOTE class="ip-ubbcode-quote"><font size="-1">quote:</font><HR> "We're protecting consumers in a different way; it's absolutely contrary to what others [anti-spyware firms] are doing," he said.


    Yeah, like you know, work from the inside, make a difference on parasites by staying with the networks that host them...

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    Don't want to cross post, so I'll point to my reply in the other thread ...
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