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    got a couple of questions
    hey everyone got a couple of questions , 1st ive only been in affiliate marketing for about 1 month so yeh i still a real noob , i have done all my research found my niche product got a website up done the article noww
    my question is can i have more than one niche on the website thats related or just keep it simple with only one product

    my second question is ive been looking at some of these websites that do article submisson for u for a cheap price , has onyone use them is there any realible ones out
    and also seen some sofware are they any good and is there anyfeed back anyone can give me ?

    thanks all

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    Quote Originally Posted by tufpup View Post
    my second question is ive been looking at some of these websites that do article submisson for u for a cheap price ..l
    Hi tufpup,

    I can't help much w/answers, but I do know you have to be really careful about buying articles esp. at cheap prices. I've heard nightmare stories about people going this route only to find out that what they bought was plagiarized and had to be pulled from their site. If you do it, go with a reputable service, not necessarily the cheapest service.

    Also, many times the same article is sold multiple times, which won't help you with search results. Sites like wikipedia get targeted a lot from people who copy the material and turn around and sell it.

    If you do decide to do it, make sure you put it in your contract that you only want an original article that has not been previously published (anywhere) and take the time to copy/search parts of sentences before you pay. If parts of a sentence do show up on other sites, reject the article.

    Another direction you might try is to post a job description at a nearby college and give an English Lit. student a chance to make some extra cash. But the same suggestion about searching sentences on the web still applies.

    For sure you will only want to post quality articles. Spelling errors and such can really hurt all the hard work you put into building your site.

    Software Question

    If you are talking about software that takes an article and replaces words so that the article is not the same as the original, I would really advise against going that direction. Articles that have been manipulated with software programs are easy to spot, because so often the replacement words are used incorrectly.

    Here is an example of what you might get:

    The sentence above could turn out like this:

    Another objective you might try is to dispatch a trade depiction at a nearby institution and give an English Lit. learner a chance to make some superflous currency. But the same submission about probing sentences on the mesh still applies.

    Good luck with your new site. It can be a real adventure!
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    Hello Tufpup,
    Keep your niche site simple as not to confuse a prospective customer. They go to your site to learn more about that specific product that they are already thinking of purchasing. Another niche would veer them away from that thought process.
    Article submission sites that I like to use are: EnzineArticles (of course), Helium, Reddit, HubPages, ArticlesBase, ArticlesBay, Amazines.
    I hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tufpup View Post
    my question is can i have more than one niche on the website thats related or just keep it simple with only one product
    It would be better if you would promote more than one product within your niche. Creating review articles of 3 to 5 products would be just about right. Promoting multiple products gives your viewers options. They could buy the other product if they already have one product and are looking for more. People usually want to know about a few products and not just one and they compare and contrast each program with each other. If you only promote one program, they may go and do a Google search for other related products and you'll miss the chance of closing the sale. Having more options to choose from will increase your chance of making a sale.
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