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    February 19th, 2011
    ProVape problem
    Previously I had no issues with I think all or almost all sales were approved and paid until January.

    Now I have a total of 94 sales from January 1st until today and 5 of them are marked as "Suspected Affiliate Fraud Sale" and 73 as "Repeat Order Sale", rest are still "processing". Thats over 80% voided transactions all of a sudden just before the lock date. Judging by the sale amounts, people are mostly buying the one product i'm promoting so the same people are buying the same product over and over again? No way... Can someone explain how this is possible?

    Havent got a reply from them yet...

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    I don't see anything wrong in the SAS charts with this merchant. No reversal in the last 45 days. Steady flow of orders.

    "Repeat Order Sale" could mean the checkout page was reload, but not 73 times. You can check that with the time of the sale and the sale order #.
    Also, somebody reselling ProVape products could buy again and again the same item from your site. It's still a valid sale. There's nothing in their T&C allowing them to void such transactions.

    "Suspected Affiliate Fraud Sale": It's a serious matter. Is it a credit card fraud? The merchant is accusing you. You should open a ticket right away with Shareasale and give them all the details.
    Account Settings >> View Current Trouble Tickets (Help Center) >> Submit a Ticket

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