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    Question Do Adwords Accept Squeeze Pages?
    Do adwords accept squeeze pages?

    Oviously it will have to adhere to their strict landing page policy.

    I'm new to adwords and have heard lots of people geting their squeeze pages declined and even geting their adwords accounts closed down.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    A lot of that depends on the niche and the landing page behavior.

    If it is something sketchy or banned like Acai berry stuff or ecigarettes you can expect some problems. You might want to search around some for people in that niche and what they say.

    If the landing page is real agressive and forces you to enter an email to get something that was promised in the ad likes prices you probably will get smacked.

    Being an affiliate increases the chances of problems.

    And things like popups are forbidden by Adwords policy.

    So it really depends on many things. It can also depend on the adwords account. If you have had repeated problems with getting things banned they might hand review your new ad.

    Good Luck

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    As long as I understand that your landing page should meet the quality score set by google ad word. you should focus decreasing the CPC and increasing the ads position on content networks. Avoid misleading and inaccurate claims.

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