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    Royalty Free Images - for blogging
    I am just starting to do short news stories, within the entertainment industry and looking to use photos of celebs.

    Where does everyone get their images from? I'm assuming most bloggers just take images off the web, but wouldn't this be a copywright risk?

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    Good luck. Yes, if you just copy and re-post, you're violating copyright and some of the major agencies are very aggressive about protecting it which includes using an outside firm that uses a complicated algorithm to find unlicensed photos. You'll most likely end up getting a cease & desist along with a very healthy bill.

    There was a company that up until the beginning of the year had a deal with Getty which allowed royalty-free use of their images with the stipulation that the photos linked to an ad-supported gallery, but they stopped.

    Unless they changed, onsugar has an agreement to use photos royalty-free from major agencies, but you have to use their domain name for your blogging.

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    Absolutely true Brad. There are lots of places to get images to use that do not violate any rights - see CreativeCommons for the details. Microstock photo agencies charge only pennies for very good images, but celebrities and sports figures images are very carefully controlled, also brand specific images often have the same setup. Normally they don't hunt down someone who copied an image to use in a school report or other personal use, but affiliate sites would be near the top of their target list.

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    You can also buy images really cheap at places like istock photo and even google for free images.
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