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We have just uploaded 14 New Banners in the CJ interface. We encourage you to take advantage of all promotional tools available to you and update your site accordingly! Below I have provided the Link Name, Link Size, and Link ID of the new creative available to you.

Banners: Instant Hypnosis

Link Name: Super Self-Confidence

160x600: 10871905

300x250: 10871928

468x60: 10871941

Link Name: Photographic Memory

160x600: 10871909

300x250: 10871932

468x60: 10871944

Link Name: Business – Be a Money Magnet

160x600: 10871917

300x250: 10871934

468x60: 10871947

Link Name: Stop Smoking

160x600: 10871919

300x250: 10871935

468x60: 10871951

Link Name: Lose Weight Fast

160x600: 10871921

300x250: 10871937


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