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    I have too many cords and wires and such around my computer and want to simplify. I thought I would get a set of wireless speakers, but I'm not very techie. I've seen a lot of wireless speakers and done searches for wireless computer speakers but most of the results seem to be for stereos or don't specifically say they are for computers Do these work for computers too?

    Anyone have any recommendations for wireless speakers I can use with my computer? I'm just looking for something that works, doesn't take up too much room and is black. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Kip,

    I've not researched wireless speakers a lot but I see no reason why, with the right wiring adapter, they wouldn't work with your computer.

    The thing about wireless speakers is that they are not really wireless. You don't have to connect them directly to the audio source but you still need to connect them to power. In addition, the transmitter requires power. I know some wireless speakers will run on batteries but speakers are power hogs and so batteries will not last long.

    The benefit of wireless speakers not having to run speaker wire through walls when connecting surround sound speakers or adding speakers to a location not near the audio source.

    To use them with your computer you would only be exchanging audio cables with power cables. Additionally, a lot of wireless speakers utilize an AC adapter (wall wart) for to power the speakers and transmitter, which means you would have two or more of those to plug in.

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    I actually went totally wireless three months ago. No home phone, just cell. A wireless cable modem, and wireless speakers that I picked up at Best Buy that are just awesome. Brand is AR:

    (That is NOT a tracking link)

    I have them plugged into the wall, but they do take rechargable batteries that will charge when the speaker is plugged I can detach the speaker and wander around the house with it in lieu of headphones. (I don't do that, but the point is, I have the option to do so, lol)

    Very fun. Not nearly as powerful as a true speaker system, but my streaming radio pipes through quite nicely!

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    Thanks for the explanation and the info. Looks like I'm stuck with a power cord no matter what. I need a bigger surge protector.

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    I assume the little object in the picture is the transmitter and you plug the sound source into that.

    Does each speaker have it's own power cord or do the speakers have to be near each other because they share a power chord and amp ?


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