Lindsay Phillips Relaunches on!

The Lindsay Phillips affiliate program originally launched on in November of 2009, and paused in the Fall of 2010, due to issues surrounding a new site launch. Now with all of the bugs and glitches behind them and a more robust site for consumers, I am pleased to welcome you back to the Lindsay Phillips Affiliate Program!

Lindsay Phillips is the energetic inspiration and founding force behind SwitchFlops. Her original art project idea evolved when she realized that by using Velcro she could create one shoe with many straps - unlimited choices with minimal effort. This simple, yet brilliant innovation was the birth of SwitchFlops. With the amazing variety of SwitchFlops strap designs and sandals, Lindsay's dream of changing from beach casual to a formal affair in a matter of seconds was realized. She has also added a variety of new products as she grows, including clogs, scarves, purses, hobo and tote bags and more!

Why Join Lindsay Phillips?

*Perfect Spring product! Great as gifts!
*Regularly updated datafeed of more than 100 products
*15% Commission of the sale price
*30 Day Cookie

Search Marketing/PPC Policy
Affiliates are encouraged to engage in search engine marketing with no restrictions.

Affiliate Management
This program is proactively managed by Kim Salvino. Reach her at or on (888) 791-0341 x 2.