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    Amazon datafeed / product information
    Hey folks,

    Big question I realize, but I've been having a hard time getting an answer from someone who has done this before. What's the best way to get a datafeed / product information from Amazon?

    I'm beginning to look into how I can obtain product information (preferably in a data feed format) for the products sold on Amazon. I understand that a data feed from one company with 500 products vs a mega-retailer like Amazon is obviously going to have a much different process of allowing you to have access to something of this nature.

    Has anyone been there done that? Any help or recommendations would be great!


    - Greg

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    You will need to have an API key for most of the large scale Amazon resources. One easy script for access is Cusimano's DYSE script. It takes some setup and reading to understand it, but anyone can do it. They have a forum here at ABW.

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    Greg, once in the past amazon promoted flat file data feeds (huge XML files in the 1 GB+ range). This is the only public reference to them that I know of: ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum - View Single Post - FREE Merchant Datafeeds

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