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    Popshops data feeds question
    Hey folks,

    Ok - so I'm curious.

    I've used Popshops before, thought it had some cool functionality. One of the reasons I liked it best was because it had access to a great amount of data feeds through the major affiliate networks.

    My curiosity kicks in here: how does Popshops have access to all this product data? Do they sign up for each merchant/retailer one by one?

    Any help would be much appreciated!


    - Greg

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    Yes, merchants contact PopShops to get listed, PopShops signs up for the datafeed and from there, the feed is eventually available in PopShops. Some get started faster than others, depending on the size, complexity and "adjustments" needed to make the feed comply with their requirements. I'm sure someone from PopShops could add more details, but from their site and responses here, that is the general idea.

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    when I launch a new program that will be available through them, I contact them and ask that they add my merchant to the mix. They will then, I will approve their application and they will process the feed once all this is done and make it available to affiliates.
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