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    Shop Search operators
    This is about searchable shops posted on your sites (available with enterprise subscription) NOT the search where you are building the shops

    I've been working on trying different operators after /?psps_search=

    Some basic examples

    • /?psps_search=Apples+bananas will return titles with both apples and bananas from the shop. The plus sign means and
      /?psps_search=apples-bananas is the same as apples+bananas (this initially led me to believe the minus operator didn't work)

    • /?psps_search=apples|bananas will return titles with either apples or bananas from the shop
    • /?psps_search=apples+-bananas will return titles with apples but NOT bananas from the shop
    • also you can string "ors" together via the pipe "|"

      green+apple|banana|grape returns titles with green+apple,green+banana, or green+grape

      Green+-apple|banana|grape returns titles with green but not apple,green but not banana, or green but not grape

    • Phrase match /?psps_search="green apple" returns titles with the phrase "green apple"

    So far so good. However, when I try to combine things further it breaks down.

    • "green apple"|"red grape" returns confusing results with mixtures of any 3 of the terms
    • Parentheses appear to be discarded (green apple)|(red grape) no different than green apple|red grape btw spaces are treated as a +
    • but combining "or strings" works. green|red+apple|grapes returns green apples, red apples, green grapes, red grapes

    These little discoveries have made fine tuning a search a little easier. But I still would like to be able to use exact phrases within a search string and have a way of using parenthetic expressions.

    Any other shop search tips out there?

    A side note. It's a bit ugly how the search results dialog comes in above the shop. example We found 13,099 products for apple|banana|grape #NOT#Green #NOT#red and it places unwanted keywords in the page content.
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