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    Search for merchant by state
    With so many states wanting to collect sales tax from merchants using affiliates in their state, I was wondering if it is possible to search for merchants on shareasale by which state they are in? If we work with merchants that already have a presence in our state, then they should already be collecting sales tax in our state. We've got pending legislation in Illinois, and I don't want to spend my time setting up a site for a merchant only to be dropped in the middle of the year.

    I've joined one merchant that has a presence in Illinois already, but am still waiting to be approved by them for over a week now. I don't see where there is an option to search by state.
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    Merchants are able see affiliates' states but I don't think the reverse is true. You may need to look at the site contact page for any merchant in which you are interested.

    As far as our merchant program is concerned, we are a Delaware Corporation (no sales tax) but our printing plant is located in Illinois (where sales tax is, and has always been, collected on sales to residents of Illinois).

    For the affiliate avenue of our business, as a Delaware Corporation we are not (yet) impacted by sales tax and/or nexus situations.
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    For some merchants, they may have a physical presence in multiple states (and SAS would need to provide a way for merchants to enter that), but for most they probably only have a presence in one state so I suspect SAS could default to showing just the state from their registration.

    Sounds like a good feature to me.

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    > "With so many states wanting to collect sales tax from merchants using affiliates in their state, I was wondering if it is possible to search for merchants on shareasale by which state they are in?" <

    This might be a good starting point, but the real question is, "for which states will the merchant collect sales tax?"

    I'm a California web publisher. If California enacts an Advertising-Nexus Tax Law:
    • Advertisers (merchants) based in California, or who already collect California sales tax, won't terminate our advertising relationship for this reason;
    • Out-of-state advertisers who've terminated NY, NC or RI publishers will likely terminate California publishers, but some advertisers who exclude NC and RI publishers may decide instead to collect California sales tax;
    • Some out-of-state advertisers who maintain relationships with NC and RI publishers might still terminate their relationships with California publishers (because California is so much larger, they're more likely to hit a $10,000 threshhold here).

    I assume that it would be a relatively small change for ShareASale to add "merchant's self-identified location state" to their info listing (making the state a searchable field would likely be difficult).

    But it would be a much more complex programming task for ShareASale to enable merchants to identify multiple states they collect sales tax for, or to otherwise signal their willingness or reluctance to work with publishers in states where "Advertising Nexus Tax Laws" are passed.
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    Oops, I omitted one critical issue: My #1 advertiser sells only downloadable products, which are NOT subject to California sales tax.

    Enactment of the "advertising nexus" language in California would not impact my relationship with any out-of-state advertisers who sell only "downloadable" products. (However, it would end my entire relationship with Amazon.)

    In some other states, downloadable products are subject to sales tax (and it's certainly possible that California might amend its law to impose sales tax on these transactions).
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    SAS is a good affiliate platform for merchants and affiliates.
    To be approved by SAS is not easy. But if join SAS, you can find more potential
    affiliate programs.
    I am also a newbie on affiliate marketing.

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