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    January 18th, 2005
    867 will be prominently mentioned (by logo, text & voice) in the final ten seconds of an ad for Spyro the Dragon that begins running 11/15/04.

    Vivendi Universal is spending $300,000 so far during the holidays on natational broadcast and cable TV. They're estimating 15 million consumer impressions.

    Can anyone venture to guess how that's going to translate into clicks? I know what my impression to click rate is online, but TV??? How do I estimate that?

    Here's the Press Release if you want more info.

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    January 18th, 2005
    You could only guesstimate. Compaire last years stats to this years stats. Also during your checkout process you can ask how did they hear about you drop down question.

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    January 17th, 2005
    Well, if you get 1-2% that equals to 150,000 - 300,000 visits. I'd take that.
    Have you promoted your brand name today?

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    I would expect less than 1%. I've had TV publicity a few times, but I've never known how many viewers there were, so it's hard to guess.

    One thing you'll want to prepare for is the huge spike. Each time you're on, you're going to have thousands of people hitting your site in a matter of minutes. Some sites can't handle that.

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    January 17th, 2005
    Separate URL? Some clients use separate domains for things like ESPN sponsorships and other types of off-line ads like that.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Hello Frank,

    Good luck in your cable media promotion.

    I have used televised cable media ads before in our "cable local channel" networks that most cable companies do offer you (little pricey).

    Our "guestimate stats" showed us we got around .02% traffic spike increase on the days/times that the advert showed on cable. To gather "guestimate stats" we compared normal traffic rate to the media ad dates stats for an "end guestimate stat" from the media traffic.

    Our adverts were solely for "branding business domain name" and not so much on the selling of any particular product.

    On another side note:
    Some cable companies offer a local business merchant business ad area where you can advertise for very reasonable rates (ie; local weather & events, etc.) ... we did not get good results from this section though.

    Another very good avenue for traffic is to offer local radio stations prize giveaway packages in exchange for ad space. I found that the radio adverts actually did a better job at producing traffic than televised ads did surprisingly.

    Again, best-o-luck with your media ad.
    Ray Thomas
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    Thanks for all the input.

    I was thinking something a bit less than 1% myself. If this generates 100,000 holiday clicks, that would be great... more than that would be fantastic.

    Our server situation is solid, so we're not worried about the spikes shutting us down.

    Ray... fyi... it's broadcast and cable and we're not paying for it We've donated prizing, but Vivendi Universal is paying for the media buy. I'm pretty excited to see how this media attention plays out! The day we were on Wayne Brady was our highest sales day of the 2002 holiday season and our name was voiced just once... no logo, no text.

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    I've no idea what the answer is in terms of US TV advertising, but one of my clients has just taken on a new internet marketing manager who worked in offline advertising for many years. Her bottom line was a 200% net ROI on spend. IE: $300,000 would bring a minimum of $600,000 in net income.

    I know the situation here is different, because it's not your marketing spend but forget about traffic. What you should be looking at is two things:

    i) Increase in direct, not referred sales. Awkward to track accurately, particularly at Christmas. You'll see the spike, of course, but assigning an accurate value to it is tricky.

    ii) Increase in searches for your brand and variations on it that lead to sales. This is easy to track via your ROI tracking software.

    That will give you a bottom line figure for the value of the advertising. The traffic, ultimately, doesn't matter.

    Might be time to ask your affiliates not to bid on your brand and it's variations or, alternatively, it might be time to encourage them to do so !

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