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    Customers that want to be cookie stuffed..
    Hello guys, I have a quick question that maybe someone can real quick answer for me. I'm looking at running a affiliate site for my fraternity and alumni, all want to help out as much as they can. To make this easier would it be against the terms of service if everyone agreed to be cookie stuffed so no matter what they buy it can help out the fraternity.

    Since i'm telling them that i'm stuffing them will that violate the terms of service agreement with the major affiliates? If so any other ways to make it hassle free for our alumni to give credit to us for online purchases without clicking through our website everytime they want to purchase something.

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    If you and I agreed that I don't care whether you stop at stop signs, would that relieve you of your legal requirement to do so?

    Your agreement isn't with your frat buddies. It's with the merchants and networks.

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    You don't want to kill what might be a decent source of additional income for the group... if merchants find out, your site would be dropped, perhaps removed from entire networks. The URL would be banned.

    Not to mention the other visitors to your site (looking for info) who have agreed to nothing of the sort.

    They can help by clicking.. it's nothing...
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    Tell your alumni to set their homepage to your website, that way everytime they log in they will see it, and it won't be that big of a hassle.
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    There's more to getting repeat commissions from your fraternity brothers. If I am brother Chuck and click through to REI and makes a purchase you get credit if its within the 30 day cookie. If I buy every three months you would only get credit for that first months purchases. I would recommend talking to some membership sites to see how they get credit for sales made outside of the cookie period.

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