In case you didn't already know, US offers a range of programs with Canadian offers and products that accept Canadian traffic.

We provided a list below for those of you who might be interested!

Canadian traffic only offers
bwin (up to 50 euro)
Canadian Affair (2% commission)
Johnson & Johnson SkinID ($45 per sale)

Programs that accept US and Canadian traffic
Active Forever (6% commission) (up to 7% commission)
AutoPartsWarehouse (up to 14% commission)
CompSource (4% commission)
eWatches (10% commission)
Game Access (up to $16.50 per account)
Ghirardelli (up to 10% commission)
NYTStore (up to 15% commission)
SnapTotes (up to 12% commission)
Swarovski (up to 10% commission)
TABcom (up to 13% commission)
Terra Plana (4% commission)
The Hip Chick (8% commission)
The Twister Group (up to 4% commission)
T.M. Lewin (9% commission)
Value Pet Supplies (up to 8% commission)