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    mailing list success stories?
    Would anyone like to share thier success or fails at mailing list marketing?

    I'm interested in the ROI you are experiencing. I'm happy to start, I've got about 7000+ subscribers to my double opt in newsletters, which adds +-$50 or so each month to my bottom line.

    Is that good? I have no idea but I want to expand my efforts if anyone feels it can be done as the main source of their income.

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    hmmm, so nobody is using mailing lists to earn money?

    The smart people have been saying to collect addresses since web marketing began, I can't believe nobody is interested in sharing thier experience?

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    OK, I'll answer. It's just that my mailing list success is measured more by the return to my clients, not just to me, and that isn't always related to affiliate marketing or even directly to sales of anything. It was the "earn money" part of the question that made me hesitate to answer. Plus, I don't try to measure ROI.

    First, I have my own mailing list software, developed in late 2001. I use it on my own "hobby" site. In fact, that's why "we" (hubby) wrote it. My musician mailing list just couldn't be managed manually. When we developed it, we were addressing the requirements of a musician's site, but in fact most of the features apply to everyone.

    My "hobby" site is the only site that might be considered an "affiliate" site, but it was started because I wanted to "promote" the musician who didn't have his own site. (He still doesn't, but now there are 3 fan sites in total). My first goal is to provide information to fans; old and new alike. I am saying this, because making money is really not a goal, and the site is really mostly a hobby.

    In addition to that site, I have dozens of client web sites. Almost all of them use my mailing list for "marketing" purposes, but not "affiliate marketing". For some clients, one new customer would make the list worthwhile; for others, the goal is to reach thousands. Some of my clients send their own mailings; others depend on me to plan them and word them. Some do it mostly themselves, but ask for advice.

    Mailing lists, if used responsibly and creatively can make the difference between success and failure, whether you are an affiliate, selling your own widgets, selling a service, selling a small or large manufactured product, selling software, etc.

    There is really no way to attribute a percent of income to a mailing list, unless you don't do anything else and don't even have a site. I can't know if someone who visited my site today, and bought a CD, did so because I reminded him I existed when I sent an email last week. Immediate purchases can only be tracked if the merchant allows links in emails, which many do not. So I can guess that 50 orders for the new CD I announced 6 months ago, and which were purchased within a week of my email, probably came mostly from my email, but the story is on my site as well, and highlighted there.

    The trick is to use the right email application, one which gives you enough flexibility to send emails based on many factors. When you can do that, you don't run the risk of annoying people by sending too many, because you only send them what they want. And, of course, you have to write good emails, and write about something that your recipients are likely to be interested in.

    I might add that when I send an email, it usually is NOT about a product, but is simply news. But people visit my site after I email them, and some of them buy something.

    So, now you can see - perhaps - why I hesitated to answer!
    Valerie Magee

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    thanks for responding shuvee, a good read.

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    I'd have to agree with everything Shuvee said. I have had both success and failure with them. When I first started out back in 2002 I bought a few of those "opt-in" lists with millions of addresses. Needless to say I spent more emailing them out random emails than I made.

    Email marketing is definitely still one of the most cost effective marketing platforms. However in the past few years, I have taken a different, more indirect approach to conversions through email marketing. Similar to your situation, I have a few lists that consist of around 10K people. Most on this list are blog readers or forum members. Obviously a much more personal relationship than just a random list...

    But, I try to only hit these lists when I have pertinent information to get out there. Likewise I see using email as more of a way to build the brand and keep members coming back to my blogs, sites, etc. I figure if I can keep a good following, brand, and repeat traffic; I can then work on the conversions when they are on my site.

    Likewise there is really no right or wrong answer on how often to email your lists. In some cases it might make sense to email a few times a week, where in others, a once a month newsletter is sufficient.

    I have no idea but I want to expand my efforts if anyone feels it can be done as the main source of their income.
    I think you're best bet here is to build your brand or website and use the list to drive traffic to your site where you can hopefully capture the sale there. I think with a list of only 7000 people, it would be hard to make this your main source of income at this point. If you start hitting the list every day you are going to get a lot of people removing themselves.
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    E-mail lists are like websites in that the ROI, conversion rate, repeats, etc... all depend on what market it is being used in, how people react to the design/words/call to action, etc...

    E-mail lists are also like websites in that a majority of the people have a short attention span and numerous other things to distract their attention. Most of your success will come from a small percentage of people.

    My last thought is that email is being used less. It will probably never go away completely, but my personal use of email has dropped significantly as I use Facebook to interact with my friends online. I now mainly check my email once a week to see if my mom sent something and to clean out the spam.
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    It's important to email your subscribers often (but not too often!). Frequency of communication will help develop a good relationship with your subscribers and increase your sales. The information you'll find on this article might also be helpful: Getting your newsletter series off the ground: Essential questions answered
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