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    Exclamation Why am I not getting paid?
    First off can someone explain what one page submit, two page submit, email submit excatally means

    because I have a one page submit for an ad on my site. 23 clicks and no actions. I know it should have an action because I asked a friend from far away to click on one as a test to tell me all that he had to fill out. I was trying to figure the differnce between the submits.

    He said he submitted the info on the first page and submited a lot of pages I still didnt get paid?

    Now I do have 2 actions for a different ad and like 12 clicks I got paid for those actions.
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    You have asked the same question in another post regarding one page submit, two page submit. These are questions you need to ask the network where you are getting these offers from. There will be a different answer for many networks so asking here is just as likely to get you bad information as good information.

    If having friends click on your offers and fill out forms would result in a payment, the advertisers could be spending a lot of money for no useful leads that eventually sign up for their service or product.

    Your clickthrough numbers are far too low to get meaningful data for most programs, but again only the network you are affiliated through or the program you are affiliated with can answer the meaning of their terms. This information should have been given to you before you placed any links.
    Good luck.

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