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    Possibly Moving to Colorado ... Will My Merchants Boot Me?
    Just wanted to check in on how the affiliate tax situation has been treating affiliates in Colorado. We currently reside in Iowa where these crazy tax laws haven't been affecting my business, but will possibly soon be moving to Colorado for my husbands job. I know Amazon no longer takes Colorado affiliates - have you also found a large number of merchants from the main networks have followed suit? Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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    I'm an affiliate in CO., enrolled in 100's of aff programs.

    Besides amazon, I recall a relatively small % of programs dropping me from their programs. Onlineshoes, hammacher schlummer, maybe a half dozen more that didn't give a reason.

    Overstock threatened to, but in the end they didn't.

    One of my better earning programs, Dr. Foster/Smith reacted by dropping me....and then by dropping their entire aff program!

    From what I remember, the bill that passed in colorado was different from most of the other states. Affiliates were relieved, and thought they had dodged a bullet. But then amazon dropped them anyway.
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    There are a few merchants who dropped us because we are in Colorado. Majority have not.

    It's still pretty much a crap shoot...
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