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    Hi All -

    I'm a newbie here, newbie to LS, and newbie to AM (go ahead and cringe) - like others who find this forum - I am grateful I found it!

    I am using the merchandiser datafeeds for a few select vendors on my site (thank goodness for my programmer who has set it all up).

    My question is this: one of the vendors has stated in several of their short descriptions "TO ORDER this item, please send a request to WEBSHOP@MerchantName.COM".

    Now it seems to me, that this should not be allowed, because if a customer sees the item on my site, likes it and decides to type in the address or send an email - I would lose the commission (since the person would not have clicked through to the merchant site, there is no cookie) and LS would lose whatever credit they get for directing sales to that merchant as well. . You would think they would not want this in there either.

    Although I have the listings linked so that if a customer clicks on the picture, or buy now, or ask a question, etc. it will all go to the product link from the datafeed, If the customer simply opens an email and sends a note I'm screwed.

    We're talking about items with prices of $400-1200 and a 6% commission. I've called Customer service - spoke with someone, he sent me an email that this was sent along to the rep for that account - but have not heard back.

    Am I naive? Is it normal to have directions to email the company to order or the company website in the descriptions in datafeeds? Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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    One more reason (besides duplicate content) to write your own descriptions.

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    Yikes! I don't think there are enough hours in the day -The vendor ends up with over 1100 listings on my site ( granted several are duplicates in different sizes) but it is still about 500 line items - and I update them daily. The way my system is set up - it dumps the whole file and downloads a whole new file each day - it was the best way my programmer could make this system work for my site ( an ASP based auction site).

    But you make a good point.

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