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    RSS Broken
    I'm running the latest version of Wordpress. When I click on my RSS button, all of my content is there, but it is all mashed up together. There are no breaks in the content. The page is just plain white without an indication that it is the RSS Feed page. Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this?
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    what are you viewing it in? if it's just a browser, it may not be reliable. you'd have to check the page source to verify it's marked up properly. it'd be up to an RSS reader to make sense of it.

    plug-ins like W3 have the (optional) ability to strip extraneous whitespace from RSS feeds to lower the amount of data transferred.

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    I suspect that is the expected behavior. For example, that is how vbulletin works by default - the RSS feed is just properly structured XML - there is no CSS or HTML markup. As such, when viewed in a browser, you may not see something as pretty as you were expecting.

    To test it out, open an RSS reader or google reader, and paste in the feed url. It should look fine there?

    Like BradK mentioned, you can also just view the source when you see all the jumbled text - when you do that, you should see good XML structure telling you its working normally.

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