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Thread: Performance Reporting Error

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    Performance Reporting Error
    Hi. I am Tarmizi and one of your affiliate. Lately there are days when the performance and commission report shows empty/blank result (for a day before and not sum up into total commission for the month). However Transaction report is still available and showing all the sales and commissions.

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    Hi Tarmizi,

    Thank you for your question. Currently, we are unable to confirm this at the moment. It is likely a display lag, or simply a lag in the calculation from the transaction report. Our test inquiries are showing the results as of now.

    There are a series or statuses that orders can be in at any given time. Like “pending”, “refund”, hold, and “Sale”. Only the ones in the status of Sale are being calculated for commissions. Pending orders are not completed. So, they would not be a part of the total yet. And at any given time, they might be going from sale to another status – such as “refund” status, in which case commissions are reversed. This is an automated process and reduces the need to wait to reconcile all the changed or pending orders from commission total at the end of the month. It provides in keeping the daily reported commissions as close to what they will be at the end of the month as possible. And as you noted, the data is in the transaction report.

    Again, what you are describing seems more like a display issue. If you can capture a screenshot if/when you see it again, Please send it to so we can understand it best, and try to duplicate. If we can suggest improvements for the system, it will be forward to the people who can work on it.

    Thank you,
    Danny K. - Network Administrator, Digital River-, Email:

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