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    CPU Classification Chart
    I am looking to buy a new PC and wanted to know if anyone knows of site with a decent classification chart showing the different speed and classes of CPUs.


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    Quote Originally Posted by itsupportnotes View Post
    I am looking to buy a new PC and wanted to know if anyone knows of site with a decent classification chart showing the different speed and classes of CPUs.

    I'd take a different approach by looking at combinations of cpu, motherboard and memory. I think newegg has reviews that way.

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    Unless you're planning on doing a lot of gaming on it, the CPU will likely make very little difference.

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    The new Intel i series (i3, i5, and i7) are very good. There was some problem with some aspect of their chips causing a recall but that might be over.

    I would look at them unless you can wait to see AMD Bulldozer.

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    When I've tried to research this, I've usually ended up at Tom's Hardware.

    While I don't agree that "the CPU will likely make very little difference," CPU speed is just one of many factors that impact system performance. Other factors include: bus speed, RAM memory speed, amount of memory, disk speed, disk transfer speed, and disk cache. You should also consider some other "system" factors like your local-area network speed (10/100/1000 mbps) and of course your internet connection's upload & download speeds (both burst and sustained). There are also some "hidden" speed issues -- for example, having the latest and fastest USB devices won't help if you're using a slow USB hub.

    Every system has a bottleneck: some specific element that the rest of the system ends up "waiting for." Once you identify the bottleneck in your system, you can improve that element -- but then some other element will become the bottleneck. And the bottleneck may also change depending on the specific task you're doing -- editing videos commands a different mix of system resources than playing a graphics-intensive game, or recalculating immense spreadsheets, or doing database searches.

    Most systems also have some overkill: specific high-performance elements which can't be fully utilized in the specific system (e.g. "more is not always better"). A database server, network storage server, or web server won't need a fast high-res graphics adapter (and sometimes the presence of advanced graphics hardware can make the computer slower as a web server). Having lots of disk cache is usually helpful, but provides no benefit to a server that "mostly writes" (stores data that is rarely retrieved, such as writing log files or storing transaction data).

    Every reviewer creates their own set of special benchmarks, which include specific tasks that are considered to be typical for a business user. (From the earliest days, these included recalculating a large spreadsheet, searching & replacing in a large word-processing document.) You can see various charts on Tom's Hardware that focus on specific tasks.
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