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    Do not want repeat sign ups to exploit rewards
    Hello and thank you. I really need some perspective in planning my promotions. I know what I must do to succeed, but I've realized that there is one glaring flaw in my strategy.

    IN A NUTSHELL, I'm afraid that, rather than continuing their subspcription, a client may after a month sign up all over again under a false identity, in order to exploit the rewards I'm offering but also alerting the company to a duplicate signup and getting ME in trouble.... I hate to be verbos, so if you already are familiar with this effect, just skip down below to where you see the "+."

    IN DETAIL, let me explain in thorough but concise manner how I am operating with the company I am promoting...

    I promote sign ups for a premium monthly subscription service. I get paid commission per unique INITIAL order, but NOT for the RECURRING order of said subscription... so I'm basically after fresh blood to sign up and sample that first month for the first time only. To me, it is irrelevant if they choose to continue their monthly subscription or not.

    As such, the company I'm promoting has a strict and technologically advanced system to prevent cheaters... they will not pay you if they suspect that two of your supposedly unique sign-ups are not actually unique. In my mind, this is mainly to prevent affiliates from creating fake sign ups... but there's another way that a client could "cheat" at the expense of the affiliate.

    I love to offer rewards for paying sign ups. I usually offer these in the form of whatever the client may like to have (a Steam game for $2.99, a small donation to the Red Cross, or a $5 gift card, et cetera)... I find that these rewards can easily provide the psychological budge that a client needs to follow through with a paying order, even if the commission is many times what I spent to provide it.

    But it has occured to me that these clients may enjoy my rewards a little TOO much. Lets say they subscribe to my company's services, really like it and want to continue their subscription. Rather than simply paying the recurring subscription fee, however, they realize that they can cancel it, talk to me under a fake identity and sign up all over again, getting the same services for the same price but getting my reward all over again. The company in turn catches this duplicate sign up through provided information or IP address or whatever and immediately cuts me off for good!


    So that's my dilemma... please, do not reply telling me to stop offering my rewards as a solution to the problem. Rather than masking the problem, I want to overcome it. I want to learn to identify people that I've already signed up once already so that they can not create false duplicate sign ups, the same way that the company I'm promoting does. I'm sure its not as simple as tracking IP addresses... while that is the first most obvious step that i will take, there are plenty of workarounds out there that can scramble an IP. So maybe while I can't catch when someone is using a proxy to hide their identity, my affiliate company can, and I will be the one to pay for the consequences.

    Please, help me ensure that everyone I sign up is really a unique individual! I want to deploy as many tools as possible to prevent anyone from duping the system, because my pay is based only on UNIQUE sign ups. There are probably many methods I can use to ensure this, as I'm sure there are many methods that my affiliate company uses to make sure that each of their paying members are unique.

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    It sounds like you're running somewhat of a loyalty site, where you compensate people in some fashion for completing actions through your affiliate links.

    What you're describing is a common problem for loyalty sites. There are many fraudsters out there who have figured out that some loyalty sites don't do a good job of fraud detection. They sign up for accounts, earn their cash/points/etc., then split. Sometimes the merchant catches the fraud and reverses the commissions, so the loyalty site affiliate is left holding the bag. Other times, the merchant absorbs the costs, but then realizes that the fraud rate from the loyalty sites is so high that they're not an effective channel to work with so they terminate all loyalty sites.

    There are a handful of loyalty site owners that participate here, so perhaps some might be able to give you some specific advice.

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    Yes, I would say that is a pretty accurate description. The site I am promoting offers very high commissions, and that is possible for them because their typical initial order results in 7 or more recurring payments. That is all contingent, however, on each initial order being a unique human being that will grow interest in their services.

    Their regular subscriber would have no reason to make a second account since it would all cost the same in the end..... unless that is, they are getting rewards from ME every time its time to resubscribe. I really want to be able to offer these rewards, but even just one person that exploits them, and the company will probably think that it's me trying to BS huge commissions. They are very clear on their policy.

    If I could just come up with some trick to being able to make -absolutely certain- that every person I sign up is unique and not a repeat, I'd be good to go.

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