eBillme is the safest way to shop online. Customers who pay with eBillme do not share any personal financial information; they simply get a bill at checkout, and pay it using their bank’s online bill pay service - just like paying a utility bill! It’s that easy.


Ebillme.com fits everyone! Anyone who buys Gift Cards for themselves or as gifts will love Ebillme’s Cash Back Bonus.


The Ebillme.com Affiliate program provides a wide variety of creative, including banners and text links.

Commission Structure

Receive $5 for every Gift Card purchase

Cookie Length

30 Days

Search Marketing/PPC Policy

Affiliates are encouraged to engage in search engine marketing including PPC and Contextual marketing.

Affiliate Management

This program is proactively managed by Superior Affiliate Management. Reach him at jpdiaz@samopm.com or at 888-600-4907 x2.