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    Question Credit Card programs
    Anyone know what the status is of credit card programs? I was thinking of throwing a few banners on one of my sites, but whenever I went to apply for credit card advertisers I only see Discover Card showing up. I thought CJ used to have a ton of the credit card companies. Did they move? Where have they all gone?

    I would love to apply to programs for Capital One, Citi, Chase, etc... some VISA cards would be great... also Amex.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated and thanks in advance.

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    You may wish to check out NCS Reporting ... | Credit Card Affiliate Program | A Division of Nationwide Card Services, Inc.

    They are a credit card affiliate network. I had a credit card website using their offers a few years ago, but sold it. At the time, they paid on time and had good payouts with many different cc offers.


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    yeah, ncs is is commissionsoup. i was big in the financial vertical before the recession. it was good money, now, not so much.

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    Use to promote NCS stuff and did ok in the past, but could not accept their miserable bedside manner, and when credit card promotion got much more difficult, I dropped them.

    They have very strict rules on content, and if you are 1/2 hr late on making their almost constant updates, you get one threatening email after another, including many "final" notices when you never received a first notice.


    Pieces of advice - 1) You really do not make anything on credit cards by "throwing up a banner' - you need a credit site with info, content, and seo and/or ppc to make a dent in that super-competitive biz, and 2) You'd be better off promoting credit report providers and credit repair companies - many of those on CJ and also SAS.

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    Just curious here, but how about adsense on Credit Cards? I know that it's a tough vertical, but with good content incorporating solid LSI, is it worth persuing?

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    Thanks for the tips all. I would rather deal with the credit card companies directly...but I guess they have all basically just removed all of their own affiliate program management. I will check NCS.

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