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    Can anyone explain this? Brian?
    How can this be?

    Merchant ID: 10xx6 Site Address:

    March 16, 2011 Daily Stats

    Commissions ($33.39) Unique Hits 0 Sales 0 Conversions 0.00 % Reversals 0 Manual Credits 0 EPC $0.00

    They removed the commission but there is no reversal or reversal information in the reversal report.

    Now merchants can reverse commissions without explanation and it doesn't even effect their reversal rates.

    They also won't respond to email.
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    looks to me like someone made a second purchase (and your cookie was still on their computer) and they only pay for first sales>
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    It sounds to me like the merchant is editing transactions. Click the "Transaction Edit Trail" in the "Reports/Stats" column.

    Looking through the recent edits in my account, they all look legitimate. Some, the amount is reduced by 10%, so I suspect that the customer forgot to apply a 10% off coupon and got them to apply it after the fact. Some, the amount is cut in half, so I suspect they accidentally ordered two when they wanted one. And the volume is very low relative to the number of transactions (0.3% of transactions edited).

    I had a merchant a year and a half ago who used edits fraudulently. It took me a while to realize what he was doing. I finally noticed it one morning when I saw that I had several sales with him but that my commissions were negative. His edits looked considerably different than the legitimate edits I see in my account now. He edited pretty much all of the high-value orders, either removing the first digit ($92.40 -> $2.40) or shifting the decimal place ($47.50 -> $4.75). I had tracking that let me know what product they were looking at before they clicked through, and in every case I checked, the original amount was correct. He edited away about 20% of my commissions overall. I called him on it and he reinstated them. Then a couple months later he started just reversing them. I terminated him and he reversed EVERYTHING (several $1000, ugh!). He was eventually terminated from the network and has since gone out of business. Good riddance.

    I'm not saying that yours (if it really is edits) is fraudulent, but it's something you should definitely look into.

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