Hello Everyone,

AffiliateManger.com is excited to announce a new addition to the AffiliateManager.com family, Telename.com! TeleName.com is the USA’s leading provider of the BEST “Vanity Toll Free Numbers” to small & mid-sized businesses for their use on a regional basis. For example such as 1-800-Insurance, 800-Auto Rent, 800-TireStore, 800-Skin Care, 800-Premium, 800-AutoPaint, plus thousands more to businesses on a regional basis.

What sets us apart?

1. Over 2,000+ quality vanity phone numbers
2. You are not limited to advertising with a hard to remember combination 866 or 877 number. For example: Why own 1-866-502-TINT when you could own 1-800-TINTING?
3. You may own the number only for the are were you do business.

Program Details

Cost-per-lead: $5
Bonus: $39-$5,000 for customer enrollment.
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Sign Up Here: ShareASale.com and Telename.

We look forward to a mutually profitable relationship. Please feel free to contact me for further assistance.

Best Regards,

Priscilla Nunez
(682) 478-5882