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    Can't click on my affiliate links
    A friend of mine was going to make a purchase through a link on my site while she was at work. When she clicked on any of my affiliate links none of the pages were allowed to open. They work fine for me on my computer, and they worked fine for her when she got home from work on her home computer.

    At first I thought that her work had it set to where you couldn't shop at work, but when she went directly to the merchant's site she had no problems ordering what she wanted. She just can't click on affiliate links. Does anyone know what the problem could be and what I could do to alleviate this problem? I do usually click the "encrypt link" option through the CJ interface. Could it be that the anti virus software couldn't recognize where this link was going? Should I not use the encryption option? Is there a way that I can mask or make my links more "friendly" to keep from being blocked?

    One more thing. My EPC for this merchant has only been about 5 since I signed up with them years ago. Yet, the merchant has a site wide EPC of 30. My site is very niche specific and the traffic is very targeted. I'm not sure why I'm only converting at about 1/6 the rate. I'm wondering if most people aren't able to click through my affiliate links. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what my problem may be? Thank you very much for any helpful information that you may have!

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    Her office may have security software in place which is blocking CJ links. So your aff links wouldn't work but she would still be able to go directly to the merchant.

    You might want to reach out to the merchant to discuss your conversions with their program.

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