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    Tracking SEM referrals - need help
    From an advertisers POV, does anyone know of a method to track Adwords SEM on More specifically, if I, as an advertiser, limit the use of my domain in any SEM campaign, is there a way to track referrals to be certain that my publishers aren't violating my terms by using those keywords?

    Thanks in advance!

    Btw, I'm new to the forum and hoping this is in the right place.
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    Look up BrandVerity, it is not a CJ service, but many merchants find their services to be useful. If you search it on ABW you'll find a few recent discussions.

    PS - Welcome to Abestweb.

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    aren't you able to pull a report that gives the referrer data? that should at least get you started. CJ has a paid option (similar to Brand Verity) as well.

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    Thank you! I'll look into it.

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