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    Please help! - searching for specific affiliate programs
    hello knowledgeable ones ;-)

    please can you advise where i can go to find affiliate programs that have ALL of the characteristics below:

    - digital information products
    - free initial quality product to capture contact details
    - follow up email marketing system
    - multiple ongoing product offers
    - lifetime commissions for these ongoing products
    - preferred subject area: health & wellbeing

    i am a health practitioner and want to offer my clients other peoples quality information products starting with a free product and then the potential for ongoing lifetime commissions from ongoing product offers.

    clickbank is not what i'm looking for as unless i'm mistaken clickbank offers single affiliate products for purchase. which is not what is described above.

    please can you tell me how/where i can find such affiliate programs.

    thank you!


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    don't know all about them but some of the best Affiliate networks like CB, CJ will definitely fulfill your requirements. so take a look in these networks and judge that if they fulfill your Expectations or not

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    It's called research. We all have to do it. Good luck.

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