I will not comment on anything specific except to reiterate the fact that I don't like or accept parasites nor anyone who does business with them or encourages pilfering of any manner - be it be commissions, sites or members.

That said, I would like to apologize to Ben, my Harvard boy remark was childish and uncalled for, but after the multiple emails asking him to stop posting affiliate information I had enough and was beyond frustrated so I handled it wrong.

There are many things that happen behind the scenes almost everyday that try to thwart or otherwise try to undermine ABW, my only intention is to remain true to the original impetus for starting ABW ... protect affiliates from being screwed by truth and open communications. If they [affiliates] or I are being screwed, knowingly or not by the person or entity I will act and swiftly. If I make a mistake, as I did with with Connie and now with Ben I will apologize, however I will not kiss anyone's ass nor put up with horsesh!t, so please understand that once and for all. Yes it's my board, I've spent many many many hours and substantial amounts of money building it, I have a right, and worse ... an obligation, to protect it, it's impetus / course and and it's members / memberbase, and you can bet your best performing merchant that I will.

The actions of late seem to appear as disruptions to the cause, I understand that, but by some 'freak of nature' - these actions all coincided at the same time. So there was no Power trips, misunderstandings or whatever - people can think or believe what they want or continue misrepresenting and slandering or even encourage pilfering my member base via private invites all they want.

The truth remains, karma does rule and so do the results, the results are here and karma has defined our board's results, anything else is theft and lies PERIOD.

Thank you for your time, understanding and support. Now get back to Q4 sales.

Continued Success,