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    Article Marketing Robot
    Has any one had success with this software to help get traffic?

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    Haven't tried it. However, after Google's last update and algo changes, that sounds like a sure-fire way to get LESS traffic. Sorry.
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    It's a spinner and link-dropper... never tried it, never will.

    Suggest you steer clear, and you may want to read up on Google's recent algo change, which penalized just this type of approach.

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    Article Marketing Robot could be useful if you rewrite an article in your own words and spin them using the software to generate unique articles for submission. I have actually seen positive reviews on it but with the latest Google algorithm change, I'm not sure if it would still be effective.
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    Quote Originally Posted by affilorama View Post
    Article Marketing Robot could be useful if you rewrite an article in your own words and spin them using the software to generate unique articles for submission.
    There is absolutely nothing "unique" or even "useful" in a spun article! If you can't add to or improve on what the original author of the article had to say, you are adding zero value.

    Forget about all of the gimmicks that claim to increase your rankings and sales. The longer you waste your time on them, the longer it will be before you actually learn how to be "useful" yourself.

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    I used Article Marketing Robot and most success i got with it doing articles for KW with small competition, big fishes can't be gotten with it
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    As everyone is pointing out, i would say don't waste your money on automated software's (specially scrapers, spinners etc...)

    Google has now cleared its point that it hates duplicate content (through the 'Farmer Update')

    Its better to go slowly with manual ways and unique content

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