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    Unhappy Help! My sales reported as referral invalid. It might due to Tracking Gap, Really?
    Hi SASers,

    Please help me clarify why some sales generated by referrals with "Not Available Pages".

    The I-Wish-Never-Receive Email from My Merchant

    Recently, I received the email for my merchant about their new policy of affiliate agreements:

    "One of the many changes includes the need for ALL of our affiliates to have ALL referral links to a relevant landing page on their website which includes the banner/text link or product link. All sales without the relevant link will be voided effective immediately."

    Then I received another email from the merchant following the 1st email.

    "I am including the following report that I receive so you can have an idea of why I am inquiring. On March 14th of your 150 referrals, we had 108 referrals with “Not Available” pages. If the referrals were for PopShops a product # is included. Banner #225295 text [Merchant Name Removed for Privacy] is defaulted as being used but as in the report below the pages are not listed."

    God, how could I know why it happened like this?!

    The Reason I Get Confused

    Each affiliate links that I put on my webpages are build with Create a Custom Link to a Page tool. And each time, I'll just put the url of product page of Merchant, add my own AffTrack value. Another way is that I will use PopShop (who work seamlessly with SAS datafeed) to generate affiliate link too. But each link is placed on my webpage as a real HTML link. I never did any link cloak things.

    And I also have sales generated from the same pages on my site with correct referrals. I'm not runing any PPC or offsite promotion (like newsletter) for this merchant.

    1. Can you tell me why sometime sales generated with referrals from pages on my site, sometimes it doesn't?

    1. I review my sales of other merchants, the same thing happened but they never have a policy like this. Do you think the merchant who ask me to make sure each sale come from referrals with real pages on my site is A Industry Standard?

    Thank you very much!


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    No way for you to make it happen, the merchant is not very well informed. Contact SAS with a trouble ticket, I can't believe that they would allow a condition that you cannot control to invalidate commissions.

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    I would like to know the name of this merchant so I can review their terms / correspondence.

    Salty kisses, Sandy toes, and a Pirate's heart...

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    What about datafeeds where products are no longer available..?? Those product pages return a 404 page for me.. so while it WAS valid at the time the cookie was set, yes, perhaps the page IS no longer available on my site at the time of purchase. But I'm dam well entitled to the sale.

    I'm not sure this applies to your current situation.. but I would definitely like to know who this merchant is...
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    Smile Ok, my commission is back
    Quote Originally Posted by 2busy View Post
    No way for you to make it happen, the merchant is not very well informed. Contact SAS with a trouble ticket, I can't believe that they would allow a condition that you cannot control to invalidate commissions.
    Ok, finally they get very well informed. After several emails and calls between SAS and I, the conclusion is since each sale can be tracked with valid AFFtrack value, so the referrals come from my site. The customer's browser might set with middle or high privacy protection, that's the reason might cause the problem.

    Now, they will pay me commission as it is really out of my control

    Thank you guys,


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