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    Startup Companies and Affiliate Networks
    Hi there, I'm new to online commerce in general and affiliate marketing in particular.

    I'm having trouble finding out if there are Affiliate Networks that cater to startup companies that do not yet have a lot of web traffic or online sales.

    After doing a few days of research, I've found that affiliates and affiliate networks are so good at their SEO that trying to find an unbiased source of information using Google is proving difficult.

    Also, some of the Affiliate Networks seem bit cagey at their front ends on what they are looking for in an Advertiser.

    Is there an Affiliate Network out there that caters to brand new companies?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ekstra View Post
    Is there an Affiliate Network out there that caters to brand new companies?
    While Shareasale may not cater to brand new companies, I believe their entry barriers are far less restrictive than those of CJ or Linkshare. They are, all in all, the most balanced network around - IMhO.

    You should also consider hiring an experienced affiliate manager or OPM to assist you with your affiliate program. This person / company can guide you through the sometimes murky waters of affiliate marketing...
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    Thank you for the information, I have looked over their website and made contact by email.

    Unfortunately the company and first product are new and there isn't much financial wiggle room for new hires at the moment.

    Thank you for your advice and information.

    If shareasale proves a poor fit, do affiliate system software companies generally have a good reputation? I'd prefer an active network, but we are considering the OmniStar software as well.
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    I would say that starting with any network that has a great deal of affiliates is a good way to start building up your affiliate base.

    I would also look to see where your main competitors have set up their affiliate programs.

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