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ScanCafe is an award-winning, industry-leading solution for photo scanning, slide scanning, and negative scanning, with over 47 million images scanned. They also offer one of the web's top-rated photo restoration services. Bring ScanCafe all your treasured but age-worn photo memories and they not only digitize them but also retouch them by hand, to correct the effects of aging, like fading, color changes, and scratches. Find out why more customers, professional photographers, and institutions trust ScanCafe than any other photo scanning service.

The ScanCafe affiliate program is a great way to earn commissions on everything from photo scans to restorations, 35 mm slide scans, high resolution scans, award-winning photo services and more. Be sure to sign up for the ScanCafe affiliate program and start earning today! It's one of the top 100 affiliate programs in the world--don't miss your chance to earn outstanding EPC selling a product that is the best in its class and yet costs half what the competition charges.

Website: ScanCafe - Photo Scanning, Negative Scanning, Slide Scanning, Photo Restoration

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