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    IllPumpYouUp (Update)
    I'm not an affiliate of IllPumpYouUp anymore, but from time to time I like to see if I'm making progress and check if I made the right decisions.

    So today I'm checking again the stats for IllPumpYouUp nearly two years after exposing the way they were cheating their affiliates:

    Here they are: March 2011
    7 Day Reversal 100%
    30 Day Reversal 200%
    30 Day EPC ($26.13)

    A steady $0 EPC for well over 1 year because of reversals. (They are not mine anymore)

    So today, I'm mad at Shareasale. This merchant should have been deactivated a long time ago. By not acting, Shareasale is misleading affiliates and other merchants in the same vertical (Supplements).

    For information:
    IllPumpYouUp is a fraud - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum December 2nd, 2009
    IllPumpYouUp (Again) - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum March 3rd, 2010
    What's the need to reverse a $0 sale? - ABestWeb Affiliate Marketing Forum May 26th, 2010

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    I took a preliminary look and it doesn't look as bad as it sounds due to a number of factors but i'll check it out further.

    Brian Littleton
    President/CEO -, Inc.

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    I consider Shareasale as a network with an outstanding transparency but one indicator is still missing the "Reversal Rate". I believe IllPumpYouUp must be between 80 and 95%. It's not acceptable. The shoes merchants run around 30% and it's one of the worse verticals for reversal. But 95%!!! This merchant is skimming the sales.
    The merchant explanation was that the sales were coming from coupon sites and former customers.
    "We have since removed all websites from our affiliate program that have the word 'coupon' in their domain name. Additionally we do not approve any coupon sites requesting to join our affiliate program."
    His choice, no problem but he has no more coupon sites and it's still the same.
    This kind of merchant is giving Shareasale a bad reputation and is discouraging new affiliates. His business model and affiliate marketing are not a good match.

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