I have an assistant that logs into some of my accounts to do some link work for me. Normally I give this person limited access which is easily set up on LS, SAS, etc etc. I'm noticing on GAN that you can only have 3 users and they all have the same access? I saw it was asked here 2 years ago and answered that you can only have 3 users and all have the same access. It was also asked in the help forum here to add the ability to have a user with limited access, 1.5 years ago. Am I right in seeing that you still can't add additional users with limited access? This feature can't be that hard to implement and I can't be the only one who would find this useful, am I? If its not available, any chance it can be added? If I'm missing something, can someone help?

How am I going to cry poor when they see what I make?