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Thread: Conversion Conference: Key Takeaways – Part 2

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    Conversion Conference: Key Takeaways – Part 2
    Continuing on from the Key Takeaways Part 1, Jeannine Crooks shared another round of valuable insights from her visit to Conversion Conference in early March. This time, she joined Merchant ABCs host Deborah Carney, as well as Amy Ely from to discuss key merchant takeaways from the event.

    We covered six main points during the conversation:
    1. Look at your site through the eyes of your visitors – acknowledge that we (the digital marketers) are online regularly and can be considered super users. As such, we may not think and interact with the site the way that 99% of our visitors do. Learn how they search, how they look for products or categories and improve your site based on the user’s perspective.
    2. A clear call to action is key – make the call to action prominent with colors and placement. Avoid common roadblocks (discussed further in the podcast).
    3. Address the “peakaboo” problem - if a user fills out a field incorrectly, show the message to correct their entry at the relevant location, not at the top of the page after they submit the form. Don’t make your users scroll up and down to figure out how to fix their information.
    4. Use the power of “scarcity” – if your site sells products, list the remaining number of that product to encourage visitors to buy while they can. If your inventory is large, use messaging similar to “9+” to still incite a level of urgency.
    5. Never stop testing – enough said
    6. Don’t force a user to login when making a purchase – if they forgot their credentials, they may give up and purchase elsewhere. Instead, give them the option to shop and purchase as a guest, then sign up as a member after the sale completes.

    Learn about these points and more on the podcast (click to listen or right click to save).
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