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    Question Timeless Country decor closing at SAS, moving to Link Connector?
    Received an email today from Timeless Country decor - they will be closing at SAS April 25th.

    They invited me to sign up with them at Link Connector. (Never heard of this place before)


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    Link Connector has been around for a while (and had a forum here for a short while). They have fairly advanced technology, but at least one option they give merchants (the ability to set up referrer-based tracking using direct links rather than affiliate links) is affiliate UNfriendly. First, it gives merchants free SEO benefits on the coattails of affiliates. Second, referrer-based tracking is less reliable than link/cookie-based tracking, so it has a direct negative impact on affiliates.

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    Haven't heard much about Link Connector for a while. Another OPM who used them has backed off.

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    Yes, sadly, the three best performing merchants I had and now a fourth (Timeless Country Decor) moved to Link Connector. All four (actually just one merchant since they are all owned by one merchant) trumpeted the glories of the move as being the best possible world for both merchant(s) and affiliates.


    The move has broken all the scripts I used to use to display their products and I haven't had a lot of luck revamping all the scripts, links, and sites I used 'em on. Pretty well ended most of the meager trickle of money I was making still with datafeed oriented sites.

    Generate more fake news.

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