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    Performics is Entering the OPM Space
    Shawn Collins wrote about this over the weekend: Performics is Entering the OPM Space

    Since Performics had such a lousy reputation with affiliates will be interesting to see what they do.

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    As jumbled as the history is, it's really hard to tell if this will be good or bad.

    I've worked quite a bit with Kevin Joyce, who will be heading up the affiliate division. He started out with BeFree, which I always thought was the best of the major networks "back in the day".

    Performics used to be called Dynamic Trade, then they were aquired by Doubleclick and then by Google. Google turned the affiliate portion into Google Affiliate Network and divested the search portion which remained as Performics. So it's this search portion that's getting back into affiliate marketing -- apparently as an OPM rather than a network.

    So other than the name, I don't think it's going to have much similarity to the old Performics.

    But very interesting news, nonetheless.

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