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    Google Seeks Answer to Facebook With 'Social Search'
    wow....huge news from google today.

    what do you think?

    Google Seeks Answer to Facebook With 'Social Search' -

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    It's really nothing, another Google experiment that most people won't ever use. Didn't they have/do have something in Gmail where you could do Facebook stuff with other Gmailers and such. Big news everywhere when it came out. Haven't heard anybody talking about it since. Don't even remember the name of it.

    This will go the same way. Something new to talk about for awhile, then forgotten.

    edit, it was Google Buzz, that got a bunch of hype when it came out. Don't know 1 person who actually uses it. Most people, if they want to share a link with their friends, will just throw it up on Facebook, as they already do.
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    its awesome!! but i don't know their intension. cause i don't believe Google. they can do anything for their own purpose. and of course its the business purpose.

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    Is G innovating anything, or is everything or near everything a copy?

    It's the afternoon over here, and my brain can't recall a launch from them that was new, inventive, etc., so I could simply be wrong about the copy-and-paste model.


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    That was posted 3 weeks ago and still has not become a hot topic anywhere.

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