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    Recruitment via Craiglist?
    Do you think that attempting to recruit affiliate's via Craigslist is an effective strategy? Although, I don't think that seasoned affiliates would look there, it might be a good place to recruit people who are not yet in the affiliate industry- maybe beginning bloggers? If so, what category would it fit in to? It's not really a "Job".... I can't decide if this is a good idea or a really bad one.

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    Sounds like a really bad idea to me. Why not google to find some bloggers in your field and personally reach out to them?

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    I agree, you want to find quality bloggers/potential probably wont find that on Craigslist. I would set up a Google Alert for blogs within your industry or try doing keyword searches.

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    It's against the rules. Don't do it.

    If rules don't matter, note that "affiliate recruitment" ads get quickly flagged and deleted.

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    Affiliate Recruitment via CL is not a good idea.
    Try ABW, AffSummit, etc

    On a flip side, i used to have an affilite who drove traffic from CL to his site and he made about $2-3k consistently/month from us.

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    Listing affiliate opportunities in Craigslist is against their rules.

    To find affiliates, I suggest that you get involved in forum discussions in your industry. Give relevant contributions and once you develop a relationship with the forum participants, you can add links for more information about your affiliate offer.
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