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    Question Merchants On Hold
    Just curious how serious "Merchants On Hold" status is. What are the potential and likely outcomes?


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    Supercool question. We just recently started listing merchants that were "on hold" on Affiliate login screens. Note that the merchants listed on hold are just those that are associated specifically to you. A merchant that's on hold, that you're not associated with, will not be listed.

    Once a merchant's funds drop below their $ amount threshold we put them on hold. When this happens we are still tracking sales, but not reporting them. Once the merchant funds their account all sales will post that were tracked while on hold.

    We have been doing this for a while now, but only recently started reporting the on hold status to Affiliates. So in the past if you ever noticed suddenly many sales posting at once for a specific merchant, this is why (when they fund their accts all on hold transactions get posted at once).

    One of the reasons we decided to start showing this is b/c we want you all to get on their case when they are on hold We send them emails daily asking them to fund once they go on hold, but you all seem to get them to act on doing that better.

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    I should add the two potential outcomes, to answer your question:
    1. Obviously once they fund, they go off hold and all is well and normal.
    2. If they do not fund, then once they use up their security deposit we require of all merchants (the amount equal to one month's commission - based on their past sales volume) we deactivate the account.

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