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    Anyone heard of
    A merchant that I'm looking at promoting is running their program through searchlounge. I've never heard of this one before. Could anyone please tell me about this, if it's a legit network or not? do they pay or not?

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    Never heard of them. But I have a feeling someone will be along shortly to offer a "thumbs up."

    There is no contact information on the site and the domain has no contact information. So, IMHO, they appear to be hiding something. I will stay away - very far away.
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    If you do a search for them on the Google, the first website AFTER their listings is black hat world [dot] com - Throw in what Bill said about the lack of contact information and private registration, I would simply close my browser window and not return...
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    There isn't much information on searchlounge and it seems that they aren't known in internet marketing forums
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