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    Smile Affiliate Link check software required
    Hi Folks,

    I am running some websites that earn commissions from different merchants on different networks (CJ, ShareASale, clickbanks,etc).

    Most of my webpages are product review and I usually recommend different products from different networks on the same Webpage.

    Most of the time, I use PopShop as the aggregator to extract product links as they work with almost every networks. But I also have to use link from datafeed or build custom link with AFfTrack value ( For example, SAS) - as PopShop might not able to keep updated with each new product. They also need data from merchants but delay is innevitable.

    The challenge that drive me crazy is that I have thousand of affiliate links on my site which usually I have no idea which link is invalid ( merchant always expire outdated products). I tried to manually check each of this link but it's a treadmill work.

    And human will make mistake on boring task.

    And since I am reading REWORK by 37signal, in the chapter of Productivity, Jason said "Whenerver you're working on something, ask, 'Is there an easier way?'". I got myself punched!

    So is there an easier way to check invalid affiliate link? So I can get report when any link on my site will:
    * Go to a no more available product page
    * Go to a error page on merchant
    * Wrong link format that doesn't compliant (I think most of time, it's typing error when you copy & paste).

    I found a website:

    But I think what I need is something else, do you have any recommend softtware. Or maybe I should pay a programmer to develop a customized tool?

    Thanks a lot !
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