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    January 18th, 2005
    Did anyone ever have bad experience on sale reversals with the following merchants?

    Computer Surplus Outlet

    I'm especially having bad feelings towards Pinatas.

    Another strange thing is ALL my computer hardware related sales got reversed!

    My traffic dropped, so did my sales, but reversals seem to be picking up, or at least stay at the same level. Most of the merchants don't get back to me on reversed sales without the push with my second email or push from cj support.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Only CoffeeAM.

    60% reversals because of "duplicate order".
    They are a yahoo store and I do not believe, that they have another affiliate program.
    How can there be a "duplicate order"?

    I contacted them.

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    January 18th, 2005
    Good to hear others also had bad experice with CoffeeAM. I actually already removed all their links before initiating the topic. I didn't drop CoffeeAM, I just threw them out there feeling the winter cold.

    I asked Pinatas about the reversal. I pushed them with the second email 8 days later since I didn't hear anything from them. It's been another few days and they still have not gotten back to me on this.

    Slow or no response always raises more doubts and questions. I normally choose to remove all links of a merchant if they don't show the basic respect that I deserve, even they didn't wrongfully reverse sales. Now it's about the time for me to kick out Pinatas. Besides, I can't think of any reason that makes sense for reversals on party supplies - returned merchandise (after all the pates, etc have been used?), invalid credit card (for a small order like $24? I have already been given invalid cc too many times!), sold out (almost impossible in my mind for party supplies)? What else could it be?

    Sorry for the rambling, just can't help. Working too hard and not getting the results!

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