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    My Clickbank Program Ready to Launch
    I have a quality digital self help program ready to launch and and wondering if I should get started on clickbank or should I seek out an affiliate manager to work with at this stage. I am happy to do it myself and put in the hours, learning the ropes etc. but maybe it is better to get started on the right foot with some experienced help.

    My product is a mindfulness approach anger management program that was one year in the making, including 4 months in meditation retreat creating the product. I am a long time student of meditation and grew up with severe anger problems. I wrote the program to share some of what I have learned and make it into a business.

    What are people's thoughts on the best way for me to proceed?

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    Many OPMs will give you a consultation to outline better what they do, to help you decide whether you can handle things on your own or want a hand in getting off on the right foot.

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    I've had a CB account since 2003 but only started recently making consistent money with it.

    I wish I had the guidance of a program manager in the beginning...we were all just trying to figure it out then, and that lack of guidance really hindered me.

    Yes, you can learn it all, but it's best to have a good teacher. There's nothing wrong with someone getting you started and then you maintaining the program on your own.

    Good luck!

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    Thank you for your replies. That's two for going with an OPM. I like what you're saying, and having some guidance sounds really good.

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