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    Looking for affiliate network that tracks conversion
    I would kindly ask your help for affiliation network that I can track the conversion coming from my traffic.

    I would like to be able to distinguish between different sources of traffic resulting with conversion, when I say different I mean different publishers I would then need to share the income.

    Some of the networks give me a monthly status based on the ID I get, by how can I tell which products are better the the others?


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    I don't really understand your question.

    Several networks (certainly ShareASale and CJ) allow you to include your own tracking code (on SAS, "&afftrack=XXXXX"as part of a link, with that tracking code reported back as part of the data when a transaction occurs. You can generate codes dynamically, so you can affix a unique code to every link, if you choose.

    What you don't get, with most networks, is information about which products were actually purchased. Thus, if you post a link for "widgets" and someone clicks on that link and makes a purchase, you don't actually know whether they bought widgets or something else. (If you've coded your tracking codes, you'll know what product link they clicked on.)

    Some indy merchants (Amazon, for example) will show you exactly what products were purchased, but you don't know which clicks led to which item purchases.

    What nobody provides, so far, is an effective set of tools that publishers could use to track ROI from various activities. Some third party tools provide extra functionality that could be used to track performance and adjust campaigns (particularly PPC or other paid advertising by publishers), but they're relatively expensive and complex.
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    aff programs vs aff networks
    When I was doing aff work I always preffered to deal with aff programs as opposed to aff networks purely because of the statistics features that were offered.

    If you like, you can pm me and I would gladly go through this with you.

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    We track pure conversion rate on clicks, and the majority of our merchants provide order item details (ie, the products being sold, not just the ad unit or product clicked on). It's of course a significantly more technical integration for a merchant to pass us order item details, which is one of the many reasons we're selective with merchants we bring on board.

    Unless I misunderstood, Mark.. As far as tracking ROI on various activities, you do not need a set of tools to do this.. Just the ability to tag a campaign/link with a custom tracking code of your choice (and Affiliates can add a ctc= parameter to any of our links, and we'll report the value of that custom tracking code in reporting).

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