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    Someone Copied My Content
    I have several number 1 listings on Google and I noticed that some idiot copied my content word for word, my links in all, as well. Only way I saw this was by checking my backlinks.

    What can I do about this. Will it hurt my rankings. Never dealt with this before!
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    Unfortunately there is not a ton you can do. I have had this happen once in the past and tracked down the website owner through and fired off an email threatening legal action, fortunately that worked and they removed the content.

    I have heard this happen so often and it is a difficult issue....but first step is to send a "strong" email to the site owner. I did cc my attorney on the email so it did add credibility to my threat....something to consider...

    Good luck - let us know how it goes...

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    There is a site out there to help you keep track of this. Copyscape Plagiarism Checker - Duplicate Content Detection Software they have free and paid services.

    They offer this advice as a starting Copyscape - Responding to Online Plagiarism

    and a resource center for information;
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    Actually there is a lot you can do.

    1) Emails to site owner. Follow Up by snail mail.
    2) Notify their registrar of the infringement
    3) Notify their hosting company of the infringement
    4) Notify the Google, Yahoo!, MSN, and any other search engines.
    5) Be prepared to mail copies to their DMCA departments. #2, #3, & #4 will provide instructions.
    6) File a complaint with the FTC - the online questionnaire may seem like it doesn't fit your complaint - but it does.

    We have been successful in having sites shut down in DAYS, and removed from existence soon after...
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    I would notify the hosting service and have them remove the hosting.

    I would not notify the search engines at all. The search engines have been known to remove the wrong site and ban the wrong site. I would spend all my time getting the content removed.
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    Was it content from your site they copied? Then you can do above.

    But with the part "my links in all" makes it sound like you posted it to a directory like EZA. I'm not an expert, but I believe by posting to some of those directories, you give others the right to reuse the article as long as they follow the site's TOS.

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    A DMCA complaint to their hosting company's upstream provider should get 'em shut down pretty quick.
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    you have different job to do. but i don't think nothing will be effective. cause he is following you by pasting your links too. so there is no harm. and it will not affect your site. but the copier will not get the PR and Search engine rank.

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    cause he is following you by pasting your links too. so there is no harm
    I completely disagree.. theft of words is still theft. Just because someone gives you a link, it doesn't give them the right to copy/steal the content.

    Contact the host of the other site, and file a DMCA complaint, it's the best you can do..

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    Still waiting to hear if its content from his site or content he uploaded to another site like EZA. If it is an article that was uploaded to EZA or similar, this person might have the right to use it per EZA's TOS...

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