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    Google 'response time' ?
    Within the past three weeks I had my site linked to from a couple high page rank blogs, and I also did some significant seo upgrades to my site content and my linking within my site.

    Yet my search engine rankings have not moved at all. I imagine it takes time and is a complicated thing to figure out, but I'm just wondering generally how long it takes for google to register these kinds of changes and then to adjust your ranking accordingly.

    If anyone has any thoughts, insights...

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    Immediate to never.

    All depends on the quality of everything on both ends of the links.

    SEO is not a one shot deal, it is continuous.

    Remember: Link Juice is passed page to page. Not website to website.
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    Thanks for your help. I like the 'immediate' part, but the 'never' doesn't sound good. In other words, it's wide open and depends on a lot of factors. I like what you said, "SEO is not a one shot deal, it is continuous", which I understand.

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